3 Emerging Technologies in Taibah Valley Promote Innovation among Youth

Wadi Taibah Company launched its summer program, in its second year, remotely for young men and women in Saudi and international universities, in an effort by the company to meet the needs of national development and the requirements of the labor market. Involve them in existing projects in the company, provide them with practical and scientific experience, and enhance their future career opportunities.

The CEO of Wadi Taibah, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Olayan, confirmed that the company is keen to implement specialized programs in emerging technologies for young people every year to raise skills and awareness in the field of emerging technologies, and in an effort to promote innovation and develop a new technical environment in the Kingdom that includes innovative talents with advanced skills.

3 تقنيات ناشئة في وادي طيبة تعزز الابتكار لدى الشباب