Taibah Valley announced an important investment in “Wethaq” for Islamic sukuk and named Dr. Arwa Al-Thaqafi, Vice President for Innovation

Wadi Taibah Company announced its participation in investing in Wethaq Islamic Sukuk Company with Vision Ventures Fund and individual investors, and it was announced the launch of a company that changes the concept of investment in Islamic Sukuk

On the other hand, the company announced the appointment of Dr. Arwa bint Muhammad Al-Thaqafi as Vice President for Innovation, and this comes as a result of the successes achieved by Dr. Arwa during her professional career, and an emphasis on empowering Saudi leaders from leadership positions.

And considers d. Arwa Al-Thaqafi is one of the national competencies that distinguished herself in the field of innovation in the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. She holds a Ph.D. in computing from the University of Sheffield. She also held many leadership and advisory positions during her career.
And you, the company has announced its investment in Wethaq Company, which seeks to revolutionize the Islamic sukuk markets

It is worth noting that Wadi Taibah is one of the most important companies interested in supporting startups. Last year, it launched a competition to build innovative startups that the company is holding for its third year, targeting participants from all over the world for the first time. These competitions come to support the idea of ​​entrepreneurship and support creative ideas. For the generation of new companies, and these competitions have resulted in the support and support of new companies,

The company also opened the Center for Emerging Technologies, which is one of the most important technology centers in the Kingdom. The center contains laboratories and experts in emerging technologies (blockchain, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality) in partnership between the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Wadi Taibah Company, within the framework of The Ministry’s interest in building a supportive system for emerging technologies (ecosystem) and preparing infrastructure and digital laboratories, to activate the Ministry’s vision in the field of supporting incubators and digital business accelerators.