Taibah Valley and Alam sign an agreement to launch a product documenting academic certificates using blockchain technology

Wadi Taibah Company and Elm Information Security Company signed a cooperation agreement to develop the “Digital Education Certificate” product, which works to document and certify educational certificates to contribute to building the innovation system and linking it to economic products, yesterday at Wadi Taibah Company headquarters in Medina.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Olayan, CEO of Wadi Taibah Company, explained that the development of the educational certification authentication product will contribute to reducing dependence in increasing reliability, speed and efficiency of performance through the use of blockchain technology, which is used in storing and verifying digital transactions and educational certificates with a very high degree of security and ease of sharing between different entities.

Olayan added that this product is another step in the development and launch towards innovation with the knowledge of one of the leading innovative companies in digital transactions.

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