Taibah Valley and the Municipality of the City launch the “Salatak for Your Home” initiative

Today, Wadi Taibah Company in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah launched its “Your Basket for Your Home” initiative to prepare people’s requests from food supply centers and deliver them to their places of residence in various neighborhoods.

The initiative, which the company is implementing in cooperation with the Health Affairs and Municipality of the region, and with the participation of a number of major commercial centers, comes in line with the measures taken by various governmental and private agencies with the aim of contributing to achieving the highest levels of commitment among community members to stay in their homes, and to enhance community awareness to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

The initiative is summarized in enhancing the beneficiaries’ access to food and ration commodities in a short time by taking advantage of the electronic applications of the commercial centers and activating communication with the people through the “WhatsApp” application to request the service, and to determine the place and time of delivery of the requests to the beneficiary’s residence, while the initiative was allocated on Sundays and Fridays to benefit from its services.

وادي طيبة و أمانة المدينة تطلقان مبادرة “سلّتك لبيتك”