Taibah Valley Company Signs Agreement with Malaysian TheNoor to Move its Headquarters to Madinah

 Madinah, November 28, 2023  

أTaibah Valley Company, affiliated with Taibah University, has signed a partnership with TheNoor, a Malaysian leading company in the field of technology and Islamic lifestyle, whereby the latter will move its headquarters to Madinah in a strategic move that will see it provided with a technical environment that stimulates innovation. 

 Taibah Valley CEO Dr. Jaber Almutairi stressed that the agreement comes to lend support to technology companies, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs that enhance investment in the digital economy.

 Taibah Valley Company, he said, is committed to helping TheNoor Company expand the scope of its services and connect with investors and innovators in the region.
TheNoor Company CEO Mohd Izzairi Yamin said the move to Madinah is a strategic business decision driven by the fact that Madinah is an ideal environment for the company’s growth.

He added that the partnership with Taibah Valley is the result of a shared vision regarding innovation and empowering of the Muslim community globally.

Moreover, he said, TheNoor’s agreement with Taibah Valley will pave the way for advanced Islamic lifestyle services and enrich the life of all Muslims through ensuring sustainable development.