Taibah Valley launches an interactive platform to analyze “Corona”

Wadi Taibah Company has launched an interactive platform to follow up on the developments of the Corona virus, to automatically monitor the developments of the disease in the Kingdom in terms of current spread information, and track new, recovered and death cases via the following link: https://www.taibahvalley.com.sa.sa/en/covid19-research-initiative/ .

The CEO of the company, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Olayan, said that launching an interactive platform to follow up on Corona developments in the Kingdom and government measures taken by each country and its impact on the spread of the virus, as well as detailed monitoring of Saudi cities and historical data will help interested, researchers and decision-makers deal with crises such as the new Corona.

And Dr. Al-Olayan stated that in the first stage of this platform, it will display the current situation of the spread of the virus in an easy way and compare between countries, and track new cases and the rate of infection, death and recovery for each day with the possibility of comparison between countries and by region and date, as well as the rate of death and recovery cases and comparison between countries in an interactive way .

Dr. Al-Olayan added that the platform highlights government measures taken by countries after cases were discovered and their impact on the rate of infections and deaths, and monitoring the spread of the virus in detail in Saudi Arabia to include Saudi cities with the possibility of referring to historical data, and displaying additional information about the population census of countries and the average age and its correlation with the average Infections and deaths for each country, in addition to many information and indicators that monitor and track the spread of the virus in more than one interactive way.